ONO Technology always,

  • Predicts the future correctly,
  • Works with trusted partners and tools,
  • Gives excitement and motivation.

About Us

Ono Technology, an Industry 4.0 focused tech hub, was conceived through the careful analysis and cultivation of demand flooding the industrial sector in Turkey. Cofounded by business veterans who accumulated years of know how and expertise working at and counseling multinationals in digital, communications and automation, Ono aims to aid manufactures and producers alike keep up with the latest innovations of digital, IOT and robotics revolution that is taking our world by storm. Through its professional partner channel that consists of integrators all over Turkey, Ono serves as a tech hub for Industry 4.0 transformative technologies. By combining global partnerships and producing its own proprietary tech, Ono’s primary goal is to bring disruptive technologies to the local sector, oversee the correct adoption and help execute the ongoing processes by managing the professional relationship between partners and the clients, providing the necessary and additional training, mentorship and support while meticulously analyzing the business needs of the industry to further engender tailor fit solutions whether in-house or global.