Delfoi Planner

Advanced planning and scheduling with Delfoi Planner

Advanced planning and scheduling – Delfoi Planner is a user-friendly, web-based, visual Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution with a shop floor execution and data collection functionality (MES). The software utilizes effectively industrial internet (IoT and IoS) enabling real-time data exhange between stakeholders. Manufacturing and service operations become online.


Delfoi’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution provides visibility for operations of complex supply chains with multiple plants (multi-site planning). All intrest groups have instant access to the scheduling software via internet no matter where they are located. Thanks to it’s scalability the same software is well suited also for small job shops. User experience represent best-in-class. The software is easy to use and therefore reduces planning time from several hours to just few minutes.

Delfoi Planner: web-based APS for advanced multi-site planning and production scheduling utilizing effectively industrial internet.

Delfoi Planner is a transparent, web- and cloud-based Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software which uniquely includes also manufacturing execution (MES) functionalities. The advanced planning and scheduling software is well suited for discrete and project type manufacturing, service and maintenance operations.

Delfoi Planner can be easily integrated into ERP systems using robust and proven interfaces. The most significant benefits for utilizing Delfoi Planner are drastically reduced planning time and ease of use. While planning one can always utilize synchronized and up-to-date manufacturing data. Compared to legacy systems, like MS Excel, with Delfoi Planner a new plan is ready in minutes instead of hours.

Delfoi advanced scheduling software will reduce production lead times drastically, minimize work in progress and improve delivery accuracy. The cloud-based solution is easy to deploy and it enhances transparency of planning between production units (multi-site) and sales departments and other interest groups of the company – globally.

Customer case (heavy equipment OEM, assembly-to-order production), ROI results:

Lead time decreased by 50%

Work in progress decreased by 50%

Delivery accuracy increased from 75% to over 90% without time and material 'buckets'


Delfoi Planner enables transparent, shareable advanced scheduling, planning and control of complex manufacturing supply chains with multiple sites starting from component manufacturing and ending to the final assembly. Thanks to ability to effectively utilize industrial internet all events are forwarded in real time, online. Even if the production units are located far from each other all changes in production are instantly rescheduled through the entire chain from subcontractor or component factory to OEM. Different parts of production can be monitored remotely for example production progressing in time, quantities and quality issues.


Delfoi Planner’s SOP module enables flexible and transparent forecasting planning between sales and production. Demand planning, rough cut capacity planning and finite capacity planning are uniquely combined within the same software.

Fast Advanced Planning and Scheduling.

Fast rescheduling of a complete manufacturing chain. The time spent rescheduling a production plan is reduced from hours to minutes. The planner can, for example, choose the latest possible time to manufacture based on an order and the software calculates automatically the point of time when a particular work stage has to begin at the latest.

Ease of Use

The visual Gantt chart allows for easy planning by using drag-and-drop functionality. The software includes a range of advanced scheduling algorithms for timing and sequencing orders.

Web-Based Solution

HTML5-based solution ensures transparency of planning as well as low maintenance and life cycle costs.


Integrating the software into ERP or other data systems is robust and easy. The software can be integrated using different interface solutions: SOA (Web service)-, XML- or direct database connection.

Paperless Manufacturing. Shop Floor Execution and Monitoring Capability (MES)

It works synchronized with the actual, real-time production data. Scheduled work orders are started and ended in the production using terminals. Changes in planning are instantly updated on the shop floor and vice versa. Progressing of orders is monitored in real-time. Events like starting or stopping a work phase or quality issues are monitored in real time – globally. Product history and quality tracking is a part of MES.

Global production supply chain management.

Unique production chain management allows transparent and fast rescheduling of complete production chain over multi-territorial and remotelly situated production units.

Fast Implementation.

System is very fast and cost effective to implement. Customers may roll-out the software with their own personnel.