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Whether you’re looking for a tool to quickly design and present production solutions, or a platform to power your offline programming applications, we’ve got you covered. Check out our family of 3D manufacturing simulation products.

Layout Configuration
CAD Compability
Project Ready Deliverables
Simple Robotics
Component Modeling
Advanced Robotics

Smarter Simulation

The Visual Components platform was designed to support advanced 3D manufacturing simulation applications. The physics behavior, powered by the NVIDIA PhysX engine, allows you to simulate and visualize functionality affected by physical forces, such as collisions, gravity, and material properties.



Better Performance

Visual Components was developed to take full advantage of the 64-bit Windows environment. This means better graphics, faster loading times, and a much smoother user experience. Navigating large layouts is fluid. Memory management is constantly being optimized to improve simulation performance. The CAD converter has been optimized to import geometries into the Visual Components 3D world quickly.



Streamlined UI/UX

Visual Components utilizes a familiar ribbon user interface, so commands are well organized and discoverability of new features is easy. 3D navigation is always available, allowing for more flexible zooming, panning, and rotation of layouts. We’re constantly improving and streamlining user operations and workflows, to save you time in layout configuration and component design.



Open Architecture

The Visual Components architecture is open and modular, making customization of the platform easy. Visual Components is built on .NET, providing a familiar framework for many developers. We also have a Python API, which is available in all Visual Components products. The core services layer was designed to allow for easy customization of everything, from the UI to simulation behaviors.



Advanced Rendering

Visual Components includes several rendering modes, helping you see more details and features and providing a richer and more immersive viewing experience. With advanced lighting and shading models and the ability to view material textures, models in the 3D world look realistic and pictures and videos exported from the platform are marketing-grade. The x-ray mode helps with identifying root causes and issues when you’re designing new components, configuring layouts, and analyzing collisions.

Visual Components Essentials is our core manufacturing simulation product. Design, build, and simulate your factory of the future using ready-made components.


Layout Configuration

The core application of Visual Components Essentials. Quickly build layouts by dragging components from the eCatalog directly into the 3D world, and connecting compatible components via the plug-and-play feature. Use the properties editing feature to modify pre-defined component parameters, such as dimensions, speed, and color.



Process Modeling

A simple yet powerful way to manage processes and production flow in your layout. Several modeling tasks can now be completed as visual workflows, minimizing the need for programming. The new PROCESS tab includes action panels to define, edit, and manage products, processes, and production flow. Production flow can also be viewed and managed in the 3D world, making it easier to analyze, troubleshoot, and modify layouts.




Take advantage of Visual Components’ extensive component library. With over 2,300 pre-defined and ready-to-use components, the Visual Components eCatalog contains a robust library of virtual models of robots, machines, and equipment from dozens of leading brands in industrial automation.



CAD Compatibility

Import your CAD files directly into the 3D world. Visual Components Essentials supports CAD file types from many of the leading CAD vendors, making it easy to import geometry files created with popular software applications by Autodesk, Dassault, PTC, Siemens, and others. We’re compatible with the most widely used CAD formats, so you can natively import geometry files the way they were designed. Best of all, CAD import is included in Essentials. There’s no extra costs or plug-ins.



Project Ready Deliverables

Visual Components has made improvements to the files and deliverables you can generate, created some new templates, and made the workflows much smoother. Easily capture and export screenshots from the 3D world directly into your presentations. Record and export video in up to 4K HD quality. Create animated and interactive 3D PDFs with embedded simulations, built-in navigation and playback options, and bill of materials. Convert 3D layouts to presentation-ready 2D drawings in seconds with the new 2D drawing template.



Simple Robotics

A simple but powerful package of features for defining and modeling robotic behavior. Simple robotics has built-in features for robot jogging, analyzing reachability and collisions, and defining robot logic and postures with control flow statements.



Point Cloud Support

Whether you’re preparing a project proposal for a customer or studying a change to your current production configuration, context is crucial. That’s why Visual Components has added support for 3D point clouds. With this feature, you can import point cloud models of your facilities directly into the 3D world, and configure layouts inside them. Point clouds are represented as geometric models, so you can easily include them in tasks such as layout design, distance and angle measurement, and collision analysis.



2D Drawings

Visual Components has added more support for 2D drawings and incorporated this format into many of the workflows, including layout design and project deliverable templates.



PLC Connectivity

The connectivity feature makes it easy to connect simulations with your control system using either the industry standard OPC UA or supported vendor specific interfaces. This enables virtual commissioning activities such as testing and verifying logic programs and control changes in the context of your production process. With PLC connectivity you can also visualize your production’s real-time activity, collect and analyze real time data, then test and simulate improvements.



Statistics and Reporting

Visualize simulation statistics using line, area, bar, or pie charts. Charts are created, modified, and visualized on a dedicated statistics dashboard. The dashboard helps users to visualize the dynamics of their production line, identify bottlenecks, and evaluate changes to production performance. When more in-depth analysis is required, simulation data can be easily exported in PDF or Microsoft Excel data formats.



Visual Components Experience

A new way to experience manufacturing design and simulation. With Visual Components Experience, it’s now possible to experience 3D simulations you’ve designed with Visual Components on mobile and in virtual reality.

Visual Components Professional is our component creation solution. Define and create your own components to simulate in our 3D world. It includes everything in Essentials and gives you the tools to model and create your own components.


Component Modeling

Bring CAD files to life with our robust component-modeling tool. Visual Components Professional lets you customize the building blocks of components: geometry, behaviors, and properties. You can add kinematic structures and functional behaviors to imported CAD models, modify feature details of existing models, and build your own personalized library of components.




Create components for the Visual Components world easier and faster. The component-modeling wizards streamline the component development process by asking for simple inputs and automatically configuring the component behaviors. Save time modeling many common component types and activate your CAD files for the 3D world more quickly.



Geometry Simplification

Reduce file sizes and improve simulation performance by simplifying and removing unnecessary details from your models.



Basic CAD

Build new 3D geometries and modify imported CAD files using the modeling toolkit. We’ve developed a set of tools for creating, editing, and customizing geometry, solid shapes, and structures. Make quick updates to your 3D geometries, right inside the product.

Virtualize your factory with Visual Components Premium, the complete manufacturing simulation solution. It includes everything in Essentials and Professional, plus more features for advanced robotics applications.


Paint Process Visualization

Visualize the application of paint on surfaces and measure coat thickness, thereby reducing robot teach time and improving motion planning.



Virtual Topology

Easily distinguish features of CAD files imported into the 3D world. Our 3D geometry engine analyzes any imported CAD model and provides well-structured data of geometry surfaces, curves, and curve loops. Use the topology API to develop your own robot path planning and teaching tools that take advantage of this feature.



Curve Teaching Tool

Plan robot paths faster using the curve-teaching tool. This feature automates robot path planning by analyzing object geometries, making paths predictions, and suggesting robot paths.



Create Path Statement

Quickly teach and simulate paths of positions with robots. Edge and curve selection tools help you pick and edit robot paths with practical applications for robot welding, machine tending, paint, and water jet operations, sealing, and cutting.



VRC connectivity for UR and Stäubli

The Universal Robot connectivity plugin enables connecting to a Universal Robot controller and running a simulated robot with realistic movements. The Stäubli robot connection add-on supports creating/editing robot program positions and running them with a Stäubli CS8 controller to verify program operation and cycle times. It also supports positional data transfer between a simulated and real controller.



Interactive VR

It’s possible to create a streaming connection to Visual Components Experience, allowing users to interact with the VR environment.